Capability Statement

Capability Statement

Partnering with private, public, and government facilities nationwide to staff temporary healthcare providers filling short- and long-term positions. Download Wellhart's full Capability Statement to read more. 

Core Capabilities

- Emergency Response Staffing

- Government Staffing

- Rapid Response Deployment

- Traditional Facility Staffing

Our teams are dedicated to being the leading provider of superior locum staffing services by focusing on quick mobilization of the necessary medical providers with the skills and background needed to ensure the expectations of all our clients are not only met, but exceeded. 

The Wellhart Difference

Through Partnerships, Our teams have access to a database of over 500,000 healthcare providers. 

To ensure that our database is geographically diverse, Wellhart helps providers obtain new state licenses so they are, and we are, prepared to support clients across the country.

This proactively puts Wellhart in a position to staff open positions quickly and efficiently with qualified healthcare providers.

The Wellhart Advantage

Wellhart believes that no need is too small, too large, or too urgent to handle. Above all, Wellhart aims for a practical, professional, and personal touch with each and every client and healthcare provider.

- Expansive Network

- Rapid Speed

- Strong Relationships with Locum Tenens Providers

- In-House Teams Providing Assistance Throughout the Entire Staffing Process

Who We Work With

Our Network

Our staffing experts and business operations professionals work hand-in-hand to select highly skilled medical providers for each client. Partnering with Wellhart means access to: 

- Physicians 

- Nurse Practitioners

- Physician Assistants 

- Dentists

- Ophthalmologists

- Optometrists

- Psychologists

- Psychiatrists

Our Clients

Our solutions are tailored to each client's specific needs, including provider types and specialties, timeline, and travel needs. Since our founding, we've provider temporary staffing solutions for:

  • Emergency Response Agencies/ Organizations who focus on:

    - Natural disaster relief (floods, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, snow, and more.)
    - Surge staffing due to disease outbreaks, pandemics, and endemics.

  • Humanitarian Aid/Relief

    - Providing medical staffing due to migrant children/adults and refugees 

  • Local, State, and Federal Government Projects

    - Indian Health Service (IHS) facilities
    - Facilities under the jurisdiction of federal or state bureaus of corrections
    - State-run behavioral health hospitals
    - Department of Defense (DOD) facilities
    - Veterans’ Affairs facilities, including VA hospitals and clinics

  • Traditional healthcare systems including but not limited to:

    - Community Hospitals
    - Large healthcare systems
    - Urgent Cares
    - Dental Clinics
    - Behavioral Health Hospitals and Clinics
    - Telemedicine Facilities

Our Team

Wellhart's Proactive approach to locum tenens staffing is a key differentiator. Our staffing experts and business operations professionals work hand-in-hand to select highly skilled medical providers for each client. 

Partnering with Wellhart means access to multiple in-house teams, all working together seamlessly to create an efficient solution for each client. 

- Account Executives

- Licensing

- Credentialing

- Risk Management

- Accounting/Finance

- Travel