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Proud Legacy

Motivated by the challenge of matching healthcare providers with in-need healthcare facilities across the country, Wellhart’s staffing experts are inspired by the courageous legacy of Elizabeth Blackwell, a true pioneer in the medical world. 

As the first woman physician in the U.S., Elizabeth Blackwell overcame many significant barriers of her time to pursue her medical degree. Her unwavering determination and fearless journey into uncharted territory left a lasting footprint in history, and in Wellhart’s core values. 

Striving to emulate Blackwell’s unfaltering resolve in the face of obstacles, our team believes that no need is too small, too large, or too urgent to handle. Above all, Wellhart aims for a practical, professional, and personal touch with each and every client and healthcare providers. 

For more information about staffing with locum tenens healthcare providers, please visit the following pages:

Emergency Response Staffing

Traditional Locum Tenens Facilities

Staffing for Government Clients

Wellhart Capability Statement

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NAICS PRIMARY Code: 561320


NAICS Codes: 621111, 621112, 621399, 622110, 624230, 624221, 621320, 621210, 621330, 621391, 621420, 621410, 621493, 621498, 621512, 621999, 624190

Our Mission

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Wellhart is dedicated to being the leading provider of superior locum staffing services for emergency response, government, and healthcare organizations. Our mission is to consistently provide the most elevated level of quality staffing and to offer exceptional client/provider solutions. Wellhart’s ongoing goal is to establish positive, lasting partnerships between our skilled team of motivated professional recruiters, our invaluable providers, and our respected clients. Our mission is achieved by honest, transparent communications with our partners, unrivaled support, and empathy for their needs.

Our Vision

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Wellhart’s vision is to be the top option for partners in need of locum staffing services. Our vision is realized by continuous operational improvement leveraging new and progressive business processes, inspiring a culture of empowerment and transparency for all of our partners, and giving back via volunteering and philanthropic outreach programs.

Our Values

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We are a flexible organization, with a centered focus in exceeding our clients’ expectations. We bring investment value to our clients through our ability to deliver scalable staffing solutions swiftly and reliably. We take pride in our ability to mobilize our professional recruitment staff quickly and intelligently to exceed our clients’ evolving requirements. Wellhart aims for a practical, professional, and personal touch with each and every client (and healthcare provider).

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