The End of Title 42 | Government Medical Staffing in the U.S.

Title 42, an immigration policy instituted by the U.S. government and Center of Disease Control and Prevention in 2020, is set to end on May 11. The pandemic-era policy was put in place to “stop the introduction of communicable diseases,” amid mass U.S. border crossings during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing for the U.S. to send […]

What Can a CRNA vs an Anesthesiologist do?

CRNAs and Anesthesiologist are vital to the healthcare system, read on to learn their key differences. When administering anesthesia, two primary types of healthcare professionals are involved: Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) and Anesthesiologists (ANEs). While both work in similar settings and have a shared goal of providing safe and effective anesthesia to patients, there […]

National Patient Safety Goals for Hospitals in 2023

Reducing Patient Harm While Improving Patient Safety is Critical to Success of Treatments

The Joint Commission is an organization dedicated to conrinuously improving healthcare for the public, and every year they gather information from widely recognized stakeholders and experts to present healthcare facilities with goals to follow in order to improve patient safety by reducing harm caused by prevalent risks in healthcare. The Joint Commission’s 2023 National Goals for Patient Safety are here, and we summarized them in our easy-to-read guide for hospitals!

The Problem with Government Contracts in Healthcare Staffing

Underlying Issues Which Complicate Government Contracting for Healthcare Staffing

There is a lot of competition within the healthcare staffing field among private companies who want to win government contracts. While every contractor wants to offer the best value for government projects, it is not always possible to fulfill contracts for low prices within an ongoing shortage of physicians and advanced practitioners. These problems all come together to seriously complicate government contracted healthcare staffing.

Benefits of Hiring Private Disaster Relief Organizations

Specialized Private Agencies Are a Critical Support to the Government in Disaster Relief


Government institutions are finding increasing success when they partner with private disaster relief and emergency response organizations like Wellhart. These agencies supply the vital resources needed to appropriately respond to disasters and help communities recover from the devastation they cause, and offer many other benefits to supplement governmental aid.

Assessing the Safety Culture at Your Healthcare Organization

Using Proven Tools and Measurable Scores to Determine Improvement Areas in Your Safety Culture


Building a solid safety culture at your healthcare orgtanization is not only vital for the work environment and satisfaction of your medical staff, but also for putting patient safety first. However, before you can begin to implement changes and structures to build such a safety culture, you must first assess your institution’s culture as it currently stands.

Mindfulness Meditation Practices For Locums This Winter

Utilizing Mindfulness Techniques to Beat Low Mood in the Winter

The Wintertime blues is no joke. Shorter days and less sunlight can cause low mood and motivation for the average person, and can slow down the back to back traveling schedule of your average locum as well. Don’t let seasonal changes affect your locum work this cold season. Instead utilize these top 3 proven mindfulness meditation practices for medical providers on the go this Winter.

Boosting Your CRNA Salary with the New APRN Compact

Minimizing Time and Cost to Maximize Locum CRNA Salaries


Physicians and registered nurses both have their own multistate compacts that allow them to travel and work locum jobs across state jobs seamlessly. So where’s the multistate license for CRNAs? The answer is, it’s coming soon! The new APRN compact is currently in the process of being implemented, and when the time comes, you may find your earning potential increasing as doors to more locum job opportunities open up!

New Report Highlights Alarming Healthcare Staffing Shortages

Healthcare are Facilities Struggling to Cope with a Severe Deficit of Human Resources

The Minnesota Hospital Association (MHA) recently released their 2022 annual workforce report, and the results are grim. While the report only collects data from MHA member facilities in Minnesota, its findings are also relfective of the critical and ongoing shortage of medical providers across the nation. Read on to learn more about the healthcare staffing shortage in Minnesota, and why job vacancy rates are growing at such an alarming rate.

Utilizing Past Events in Disaster and Crisis Preparation

Learning From Threat History is the Future of Emergency Preparedness

When people experience and survive a natural disaster, they are far more likely to be more prepared for future risks; but how can health systems prepare for prospective future hazards when climate change is changing the face of natural disaster mitigation, preparedness, and response? Though hazards are becoming more and more unpredictable, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to become helpless.