World Refugee Day: How Locums Are Helping the Refugee Crisis

Wellhart Plays an Active Role in Providing Humanitarian Aid to Forcibly Displaced Persons

World Refugee Day is a time to honor refugees for their bravery to flee their countries of origin in seeking asylum. This year’s Refugee Week theme is “healing”, and Wellhart is celebrating by taking a look at the ways that locum tenens healthcare providers help to heal people who have been forcibly displaced from their homes. Read on to see how locums help the refugee crisis, and the role that Wellhart has played thus far.

National Safety Month: How to Navigate the 4 Stages of a Crisis

Knowing the Stages of a Crisis and Their Correlated Phases of Crisis Management

If your healthcare organization didn’t have an emergency management plan before COVID-19 struck, the chances are that you learned the lesson that preparedness for crises is an integral piece of keeping your facility, and your employees safe. Knowing the steps of navigating a crisis can not only save money, but it saves lives. This National Safety Month, learn why and how your organization should always prepare for the worst.

Don’t Rule Me Out: Explaining a Gap on a Healthcare Resume

Reconsidering Recent Experience Requirements in Light of COVID Related Employment Gaps

During the COVID-19 lockdown, businesses weren’t the only organizations that were affected. Masses of healthcare organizations and facilities were closed or sized down, leaving healthcare providers without work or stepping down from their positions for what they thought would be a short span of time. Read on to see why hiring managers should make exceptions to recent experience requirements, and how providers can play an active role in their own hiring process.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane

Wellhart's 5 Tips for Planning Ahead for Natural Disaster in 2022

The time is upon us yet again: Hurricane Season. Experts are predicting hurricane activity to be 130% above normal in 2022, and climate change is only worsening the conditions. Whether you live on the coast or further inland, hurricanes will be affecting homes and business all over the U.S., and it’s always better to plan ahead of the curve than to be left behind. Read on to see Wellhart’s 5 tips on how to stay prepared this hurricane season.